Ask about our monthly Lawn Treatment Plans

MONTHLY TREATMENT service starts @ $49/month

Spring Monthly Treatment

In March, we use pre-emergent to control crab grass and weeds and then begin to fertilize for new spring growth in April along with lawn bug control and then target specific issues like broad leaf weeds in May for your lawn service.

March,April,May    $49/month

Summer Monthly Treatment

In June, grub and bug control to prevent damage to the root zone, fertilizer for healthy growth throughout spring, weed control to maintain a healthy appearance. In July and August, target broad leaf weeds and other unwanted growth for your lawn service 

  June,July,Aug      $49/month

Fall Monthly Treatment

In September and on into October we use a balanced fertilizer for strong roots and weed control then begin adding Lime to correct the PH balance and then 'winterize' with a high nitrogen fertilizer to feed the roots through the winter for your lawn service

   Sept,Oct,Nov      $49/month

Basic Lawn Service

Cut, Trim and Blow for lawns begin @ $40

*Price Adjustments may occur after initial consultation based on location, land layout, number of trees, bushes or obstacles in yard.

Lawn Service begins at $40

Leaf Clean Up

Fall leaf clean up and leaf mulching become very important for your lawn care and the soil below. Making sure your leaves become compost for your lawn will ensure proper growth and protection into the next season.

Service begins at $45/hr

Pruning and Trimming

Throughout the year, trees and bushes need a lite trim or perhaps an area has become overgrown. As part of your lawn service, don't forget to include trimming and pruning.

 Quotes for service available as needed.

Service begins at $45/hr

Experienced Team

LCC uses commercial grade equipment and years of experience, however, each lawn is unique and may require more attention than a Basic Lawn Service to receive your desired results. We look forward to consulting with you and designing a plan that works best for you and your budget.

Detail Oriented Service

Our team pays special attention to the details of our work to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client and their lawn care. We will make sure your lawn is treated with care each time we step foot on it.